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Building a brighter future for everyone in our community

Applying for Grants

Spring Grant Cycle is open until April 20, 2021


  1. Review guidelines below for Eligibility and Guidelines

  2. Complete the online Letter of Intent form is due by March 31st, 2021 (NEW)

  3. Complete the Grant Application form and  requested information and submit due by April 20, 2021

    • Submit form and information to the DRDCF or by regular mail:

    • Attention Grant Committee Deep River and District Community Foundation, PO Box 1171, Deep River, ON, K0J 1P0 

  4. After the project or activity is complete, complete the Post Grant Report and submit 
    Note: Applicant Organizations receiving grants must complete and submit  the grant report before reapplying for new grants​



The Foundation will make grants on a regular basis to charities providing service to its community. 

To be eligible to receive a grant, an organization must be recognized as a "Qualified Donee" by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Qualified Donees include any registered charity, any level of government, and most educational institutions. Such organizations include Hospitals, Food Banks, Seniors organizations, Arts organizations, Educational groups, Environmental organizations, Community facilities (the CRA excludes sports clubs).Here is the list of Qualified Donees

Charitable Business Registration number of Qualified Donee      For Definition go to:


Applicants must submit an appropriate Letter of Intent, Grant Application Form and attachments, as well as a Post Grant Report.


The Foundations supports the following fund areas:

  • Social Services,

  • Health,

  • Education,

  • The Environment,

  • Arts and Culture, and

  • Community.


Grant Applications will be assessed by the Grants Committee based on funds available for disbursement in areas specified by the type of Fund, and on funding priorities.  


  • Grants are made to organizations recognized as registered charities by the Charities Division of the Canada Revenue Agency.

  • Groups without charitable status may seek the sponsorship of a bona fide charity or may qualify to be included in a charitable program of the Foundation.

  • A Group applying for a grant will be expected to demonstrate fiscal responsibility and to have a committed volunteer executive committee.

The Foundation funds projects that:

  • address opportunities

  • lead to self-sufficiency

  • promote cooperation and collaboration with other organizations

  • are efficient in the use of funding and 

  • are innovative.


The Foundation does not support:

  • normal operating costs,

  • religious or political projects,

  • sports sponsorships (specifically excluded by CRA) or

  • deficit reduction or general fundraising.  

Grants are made for one year only. Applications for continuing projects must show how provision has been made for future funding.


The Deep River and District Community Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the region by distributing the income from a permanent, growing pool of funds. The Foundation makes grants in the areas of social services, health, arts, education and the environment, primarily within the Deep River and surrounding area. The Foundation solicits grant applications that meet the eligibility and guidelines outlined below.

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