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2024 DRDCF Spring Grants

Building a brighter future for everyone in our community


Opens March 13th 

Closes April 17th

Apply below

Successful Applications will be announced by June

If you have questions about the Spring grant cycle, the process, eligibility, partnering with a charity, or any other questions, contact us at



When can you make an application?   

Applications are accepted during the Spring and Fall Grant Cycles. The Grant Committee reviews all applications and recommends successful applications to the Foundation's Board. Once the board has approved the successful grants, you will be notified of the decision, and arrangements will be made for you to receive the grant cheque and have pictures taken.

What are the Community Grant Eligibility and Requirements?  Click for more information.


To Apply,

Step 1: Complete and Submit your Online Grant Application Form

  • Complete and submit the online form. (PDF of Grant Application Form for example of information and attachments needed)

  • Note: Please provide sufficient detail in the online form for the Grant Committee to review, as all attachments may not be circulated to all committee members.

Step 2: Email the following documents  to  by the closing date, including the  grant project name and contact:

  1. A list of your Board of Directors or Executives.

  2. A copy of your most recent financial statement and your current operating budget.

  3. A brief account of the aims and program of your organization.

  4. A description of the project for which you are requesting support, and a budget for the project, showing clearly how a grant from the DRDCF will be used.


Note: If you receive a grant

  • Recognition: Please ensure you recognize the DRDCF Grant in all public communications/social media related to the project.  See DRDCF Recognition

  • Post Grant Report:  This report (online Form) should show how the grant money has been spent, comment on whether the project met all your expectations and suggest how the results could have been improved. See DRDCF Post Grant Report

  • Post Grant Report Supporting information: Please remember to email the required supporting info to info@drdcf.caYou should include photos of the project activities and completion.  See DRDCF Post Grant Report

Note: Failure to submit a final report/attachments or recognize DRDCF may affect your organization’s chances of receiving future grants.

Apply now
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