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Endowment Funds

You’ll Be Glad You Did

Starting your own endowment fund


Reasons you might consider starting a special fund include:

  • An exciting family project, to collect within the family, or from special friends and endow a fund in memory of a loved one.

  • A business or company wishing to honour a respected colleague.

  • A club which may want to invest for the future.

  • Alumni wishing to endow a scholarship.

  • A (charitable) organization might want to invest a surplus for future purposes.


The advantage of endowing a Fund with the DRDCF is that the Foundation will look after the investment, tax reporting and all the management of your endowment. You will receive the tax advantages of the investment in the form of a receipt to include with your tax return. You can define the charity or class of charities that will benefit from your generosity, and you can advise the Foundation on a regular basis on how the income from your Fund should be used if you choose (a Donor-Advised Fund).

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The first step in starting your own Fund is to discuss your aims and intentions with the FoundationContact us now

Possible endowment funds include:

  • A Memorial Fund - a lasting memory of a loved one - each year grants made from the fund income will be announced.

  • A Scholarship Fund - each year a donation will be made to an institute of higher education in support of a named scholarship recipient.

  • A Designated Fund - income from the Fund is directed to a specific charity or group of charities.

  • A Donor-Advised Fund - the donor, or successors, advise the Foundation on the allocation of the income from the Fund.

  • A Registered Charity Fund - the Foundation will administer and invest the assets of a local charitable organization.

See our existing Funds to see what already exists.

The possible endowment choices are limited only by the rules of the Federal tax department.

Want to learn more about ways you can get involved? Contact us today.

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