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You’ll Be Glad You Did

Types of Donations

  • Cash

    • Flow-through: (immediate use) to a local charitable organization of your choice for current needs

    • Endowment Fund: General Fund or Fund of your choice

  • Other Donation: Securities, Stock, Bonds, Property, Art, or Insurance

  • Bequest in your Willcash or any of the above

  • Other Donation: Securities, Stock, Bonds, Property, Art, or Insurance See "Bequest​" below.

  • 3rd Party Fundraising  See Fundraising page

Any donations may also be made In Memoriam or for special occasions as a Gift. Either In Memoriam or Gift donations can be any of the above. See "Donate Now" below.

If $5,000 or more is donated, one can start an Endowment Fund, perhaps to honour a person or support a favourite cause, and name conditions for disbursal of its earnings. See "Starting your own endowment fund" below.

All donations of $10 or more will be eligible for a tax receipt which will be sent in time for tax filing.

Donate Now

Donate By Mail

  1. Fill out the Donation Form, (or  In Memoriam Donation Form, Gift Donation Form ) and

  2. Make Cheques should be made payable to "DRD Community Foundation"

  3. Include your address and email on the donation form to ensure that you receive a tax receipt

  4. Indicate whether your donation is to be placed in an Endowment, Flow-through (for immediate use), or a Bequest

    • Endowment — Indicate the Fund to which the donation is to be applied. If you do not specify a Fund, you may specify a charitable area — if you specify neither a Fund nor a charitable area, your donation will be placed in the Community Fund, under Unrestricted Funds (see Funds tab)

    • Flow-through — Indicate which charity you would like your donation to support

    • Bequest — Indicate whether your donation will be an endowment or a flow-through to a charity

  5. Send your gift to

Deep River and District Community Foundation,

PO Box 1171, Deep River, ON, K0J 1P0.


To Discuss your Donation options with us:

     Please email us at info@drdcf.ca

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