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Donate By Mail

  1. Fill out the Donation Form, (or  In Memoriam Donation Form, Gift Donation Form ) and

  2. Make Cheques should be made payable to "DRD Community Foundation"

  3. Include your address and email on the donation form to ensure that you receive a tax receipt

  4. Indicate whether your donation is to be placed in an Endowment, Flow-through (for immediate use), or a Bequest

    • Endowment — Indicate the Fund to which the donation is to be applied. If you do not specify a Fund, you may specify a charitable area — if you specify neither a Fund nor a charitable area, your donation will be placed in the Community Fund, under Unrestricted Funds (see Funds tab)

    • Flow-through — Indicate which charity you would like your donation to support

    • Bequest — Indicate whether your donation will be an endowment or a flow-through to a charity

  5. Send your gift to

Deep River and District Community Foundation,

PO Box 1171, Deep River, ON, K0J 1P0.

Any donations may also be made In Memoriam or for special occasions as a Gift. Either In Memoriam or Gift donations can be any of the above. See "Donate Now" below.

If $5,000 or more is donated, one can start an Endowment Fund, perhaps to honour a person or support a favourite cause, and name conditions for disbursal of its earnings. See "Starting your own endowment fund" below.

All donations of $10 or more will be eligible for a tax receipt which will be sent in time for tax filing.

To Discuss your Donation options with us:

     Please email us at info@drdcf.ca


Types of Donations

  • Cash

    • Flow-through: (immediate use) to a local charitable organization of your choice for current needs

    • Endowment Fund: General Fund or Fund of your choice

  • Other Donation: Securities, Stock, Bonds, Property, Art, or Insurance

  • Bequest in your Willcash or any of the above

  • Other Donation: Securities, Stock, Bonds, Property, Art, or Insurance See "Bequest​" below.

  • 3rd Party Fundraising  See Fundraising page

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Want to learn more about ways you can get involved? Contact us today.

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