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Building a brighter future for everyone in our community


Grant/Funding Recognition Requirements: 

  1. The Recipient Organization of Grants and Funding must agree that DRDCF may use its full discretion to report on this funding to the community through its annual report, media releases, website, social media and other communication vehicles.  

  2. Representatives of the Recipient Organization who attend ceremonies or events that pertain to this funding, such as but not limited to Award Celebrations, consent that information provided by them to DRDCF including, but not limited to, their name, quotes, stories, any videos, photographs or images taken for, by or legally released to  DRDCF and its staff or volunteers, may be used by DRDCF in its related publications, including but not limited to posters, exhibits, video clips, presentations, news releases, website, social media, and other related communications media. They will not hold DRDCF responsible for any errors in using their names, quotes, or images.  

  3. The Recipient Organization is expected to publically acknowledge DRDCF funding in all events, publications, newsletters, brochures, financial statements, community/daily newspapers, Board and committee meetings, donor lists, annual reports, announcements or media that pertain to the project for which the funding has been received, such as media releases, websites, social media, posters, signs and brochures. We request copies/photos of said materials be included in your post-grant/funding report.

  4. DRDCF’s logo must be used in accordance with DRDCF’s logo uses guidelines. Using DRDCF’s logo or name as a funder should include a suitable disclaimer (suggested text below) when appropriate. Please contact the Foundation to discuss suitable wording. e.g. “This project was fully/partially supported with the Deep River and District Community Foundation (DRDCF) funding.  Any views and opinions expressed in this project do not necessarily reflect those of the DRDCF.”  

Please contact Executive Director Lisa Joudrey for more information or Guidance.

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