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Our Board and Committees

Meet the People Behind the Work


2022-2023 Board of Directors



D. Lemire (Chair/President)

W. Kupferschmidt (Vice Chair/Vice President)

C. Arnold

I. Cecco

I. Dimayuga

M. Hyvarinen

C. Kyle

C. MacCready

R. Monckton


G. Wolgemuth (Treasurer)

I. Cecco (Secretary)


L. Joudrey (Executive Director)


2021 – 2022 Committees:


Executive Committee: D. Lemire (Chair), W. Kupferschmidt (Vice-Chair) G. Wolgemuth (Treasurer), I. Cecco (Secretary)

Finance/Investments Committee:  C. Arnold (Chair), G. Wolgemuth, N. Milton(M), W. Kupferschmidt, M. Hyvarinen 

Grants Committee:  I. Dimayuga (Chair), D. Lemire, C. MacCready, G. Wolgemuth, I. Cecco 

Publicity Committee:  C. Kyle (Chair), C. Arnold, D. Lemire, C. MacCready, R. Monckton, L. Thomson (M)

Nominating Committee:  I. Dimayuga (Chair), C. Rhodes


Adhoc Committees

Fund Agreement Committee:  G. Wolgemuth (Chair), C. Arnold, I. Dimayuga, C. Kyle, M. Hyvarinen, I. Cecco, 

Volunteer Event 2022 Committee: W. Kupferschmidt, C. Arnold,  I. Cecco,  R. Monckton, C. Rhodes, C. Kyle, H. Gutzman

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