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2022 DRDCF Fall Grant Application Cycle is opening on October 3

The Deep River and District Community Foundation (DRDCF) will be launching its 2022 Fall
granting process to support organizations in Deep River, Head, Clara and Maria, Laurentian
Hills, and Rapides des Joachims. Applications can be submitted from October 3 to October
31st. Our easy-to-follow form will be available on the website -
on Oct 3. Grants will be awarded in November 2022.
The Foundation has disbursed more than $40,000 to date this year in the form of several
grants, flow-throughs, and bursaries. Over the past 20 years, the DRDCF grants have helped in
many different aspects of our community, such as libraries, nature areas, playgrounds, care
facilities, museums, youth programs, and arts and culture programs.
The community grants are made possible through your donations to our endowment funds,
which earn interest throughout the year. Each year, the interest generated from these funds is
made available to eligible organizations in our community through our grants.
If you have questions about how to apply for a grant - or if you are wondering if you qualify to
apply for a grant, please email your questions to

Eligibility Criteria:
1. Organizations that are 1) registered charities or 2) other organizations partnered with a qualified donee. A qualified donee, as recognized through the Canada Revenue Agency,
is an organization that can issue official donation receipts for gifts it receives from individuals and corporations.
2. Projects to support needs in the community in the following areas: Social Services, Health, Education, Environment, Arts and Culture, and Community.
3. Projects that address opportunities which lead to self-sufficiency, promote cooperation and collaboration with other organizations, are efficient in their use of funds and are

4. Projects not for: normal operating costs, religious or political projects, sports sponsorships (specifically excluded by CRA) or deficit reduction or general fundraising.

The Deep River and District Community Foundation is a registered public foundation that benefits the community by providing funds to eligible charities, local groups and organizations.  It is one of more than 200 Community Foundations in Canada. The Foundation was established in 2002 and has the mandate to invest and manage charitable funds for projects, causes and other community organizations. Proceeds are distributed to meet the greatest needs in the community.
We invite you to follow the DRDCF website, Facebook or Instagram pages for up-to-date information on upcoming events, and ways that you can support the community, make a donation or apply for grants.
Remember to Contact for more information or visit us on, FaceBook or Instagram #drdcommunityfoundation

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